Digital Marketing for Lawyers: see how this strategy can boost your office

Discover the best Digital Legal Marketing strategy and find out what can be done according to OAB restrictions

Digital Marketing for Lawyers or Legal respects the values ​​of the profession, establishes the firm as a reference and brings you closer to your target audience by producing valuable content. The strategy is in accordance with Provision 94/2000, being a solution for law firms to win over clients.

Due to restrictions imposed by the OAB, many offices believe they cannot market to promote their services. However, have you ever thought that Digital Legal Marketing can be a type of strategy that makes your customers go to you and not the other way around?

That’s right, we’ve thought of a way to apply Inbound Marketing for lawyers, following the provisions of Provision 94/2000 in order to help you stay in the market if you are opening a new office, or assist in client retention if you are already in the branch for years.

But first, let’s better understand what can and cannot be done.

What does Provision 94/2000 say?

Provision 94/2000  allows informative advertising is made that includes advertising and personal identification curriculum, areas or legal matters of the preferential period, opening hours and more on business cards and presentation, mention in directories line of business professionals and others.

It is also allowed to have a website with photographs compatible with the activity and to run advertisements on the Internet, following the same moderation as magazines and specialized newspapers.

However, it is not accepted:

  • publication of values ​​for services or form of payment;
  • use of promotional means;
  • reference to positions he has held;
  • the promise of results;
  • radio or television advertisements;
  • use of “commercial activity sayings”, such as “contact us today”;
  • use of photographs from public bodies;
  • relationship with events outside the legal area;
  • stamp the professional name on objects such as calendar and key chains;
  • send advertising messages by cell phone, and so on.

No matter how long the list of hurdles is, there are proven paths that can increase your office’s success. In short, lawyers can market as long as they follow the ethical and moral principles established by the profession.

The solution is Digital Marketing for Lawyers

In recent years, companies started to migrate to the digital environment due to the possibility of strengthening ties with customers and potential customers, investing less time, and being able to better assess the strategy through the generated metrics. Thus, Digital Legal Marketing emerged, respecting the values ​​of the profession, establishing the firm as a reference and bringing it closer to its target audience.

As the Internet is the vehicle with the greatest reach allowed by the Provision, this modality proves to be a promising solution for law firms. In it, a set of strategies can be developed to voluntarily attract and convert customers through the relationship and education of the audience.

For example, if you have 20 potential lawsuits in the same legal area, with traditional methods you will have to talk to everyone face-to-face and convince them repeatedly. Furthermore, they will have to reach you through reduced means, with a referral being the main one.

By investing in Digital Legal Marketing, you will be able to automate part of the process and make you have direct contact only at the time of closing the contract.

With Content Marketing, you can produce content aimed at your target audience and that will help you in every step until the person becomes a customer.

How to make content for Digital Legal Marketing

The content is a demonstration of the lawyer’s legal expertise and, coupled with a good follow-up of the person’s interest in your articles and email campaigns, you will be able to know the right time to approach the person from a contact that they themselves provided.

Some of the main ways to apply Content Marketing in practice are:

  • Develop rich materials that will be made available in the form of an eBookinfographic  or checklist;
  • Develop blog posts about your area of ​​expertise, including explanations and basic guidelines for some cases;
  • Create profiles on social networks  to publish important information about your office, redirect to reading posts on your blog or to download some rich material you’ve developed, among others;
  • Make webinars or videos to teach courses in an area you specialize in or just comment on something your customers are unsure about.

These are some ways for you to attract and relate to people who are in need of an expert to defend them. To learn more, visit the article: Content Marketing for Lawyers.

You can also automate your interaction by grouping your customers according to similar behaviors and/or profiles and submitting selected materials.

That is, instead of talking to just one person at a time and explaining what they need to know to understand that you are the best person to represent them, you can connect with thousands and nurture a relationship through Marketing Automation.

This way, you will know your target audience better by presenting yourself as a reference on the subject and bringing a greater volume of clients to your office.

The results of Digital Marketing for Lawyers

The goal of Inbound Marketing is to establish authority and credibility, but you can’t do that overnight. Therefore, the results are usually shown in the medium and long term.

These results can consist of the following sequence:

  1. Increased number of visitors to the website;
  2. Increased number of Leads ;
  3. Sales (hiring) are made at the end of the sales funnel.

You soon see how important it is to execute the Digital Legal Marketing strategy with constancy, and always measure the results.

It is important that this measurement is carried out by specialized professionals, as counting numbers is not enough: it is necessary to analyze the performance to adjust the actions as necessary.

Thus, it is possible to identify each point where the strategy worked well, or not.

Success Cases with Digital Legal Marketing

Law Firm served by In Company

The In Company, a communications company offering services Inbound Marketing for Lawyers, is an example of the success a small law firm, located in Curitiba.

After 6 months of executing the Inbound Marketing project, the firm had a Return on Investment (ROI)  of almost 1000%.

Note that, after 6 months and around R$ 15 thousand invested, this law firm was exposed to almost 13 thousand visitors. Of this total, 54 became clients, who invested an average of R$2,760 per month in hiring legal services.

The firm had a considerable return on the amount invested; and probably will continue to have it. Consider, for example, that of the nearly 13,000 visitors, 591 Leads, and 208 sales leads, many of those have not closed the sale now, but may close in the future.

There is always the potential for building relationships and gaining customers. But, even without considering future projections, the results measured so far are quite interesting, especially considering that they were achieved in just one semester.

Koetz Social Security Advocacy

In 2013, Koetz Advocacia Previdenciária started to use RD Station Marketing to optimize and maximize the strategy after having already invested in the creation of a website in late 2011 and invested in Digital Legal Marketing by allocating part of the office’s lawyers’ time to the production of content.

Some of the results were having managed to expand the search by the office for information on processes with high fees (between R$ 30 thousand and R$ 40 thousand) in addition to quadrupling the number of total closings.

Learn more about Inbound Marketing

As we said, Inbound Marketing is focused on the medium and long term. Those who have been proving their expertise for a longer time through serious, reliable and relevant content gain greater public confidence. Over time, that trust translates into sales.

How is your firm’s digital legal marketing going? Remember that standing still, doing nothing, costs more! Invest between 5% to 10% of your sales in your brand. She will be the one to sustain the image of your office.