Create a free website: learn how to have a website and see 5 free tools

Having your own internet address has never been easier since tools have emerged to help create a free website. See options for your company!

Why doesn’t your company have an internet address yet? Think carefully before answering. You can give different justifications, except that it is expensive and not worth the investment. If the problem is money, know that there is on the market – and it is not new – a great offer of tools to create a free website. How about being worth it, how about a quick lesson from digital business guru Gary Vaynerchuk?

He had already warned in his first best-seller, “Go Deep” in 2010: “It’s the internet where people are today. It’s the network that business is heading to”. In other words, to be found, according to @garyvee, your company must also set up a flag on the internet. The message, which was already clear at the time of the book’s release, gained even more strength since then due to the arrival of new platforms and the success of formats such as podcasts. 

Reasons to create a free website

But beware: no matter how large the options for digital channels, such as social networks Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, among others, no company can give up having its own online address, and for that, resort to a website creator free. And  reasons for having a website are not lacking, certainly, but it is important to emphasize that having a website means:

– Not relying on third-party platforms, such as social networks and applications. This avoids situations such as being unable to communicate with customers because there was some kind of legal restriction on the platform used by your company (something that has already happened with WhatsApp in Brazil, for example).

– Have a point of reference to build your digital presence. Even if it has pages and profiles on social networks, it is essential that the company has a point of reference on the web. And the website plays this role, concentrating information (such as an address, contact details, product and service details, etc.) and company actions that are distributed to other platforms.

– Be able to use Inbound Marketing to expand the market and attract potential customers. The blog on a company’s website is one of the success factors of an Inbound Marketing strategy both in attracting and converting new customers to your business. Think of the countless opportunities to expand when making a website for free and explore all the benefits provided by Content Marketing.

– Increase sales with e-commerce. That’s what many did because of the coronavirus pandemic and what saved many physical stores from shutting down. A survey by the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm), from February 2021, showed that more than 150,000 new virtual stores were opened in 2020, among which many had never tried to have a website for sales before.

How to choose the right free website creator for your business

Just as there is no lack of reasons to have a proper address on the internet, there is also no lack of tool options to create a free website. Most try to be intuitive and easy to use. But before choosing which creator to use, it is important that you take into account the characteristics of your business and what goals you want to achieve with the site.

This helps you choose the tool that best meets your demand and can speed up the process of using the free website creator, especially among users with less technological knowledge.

To facilitate your search, we have listed below 5 free website creator options that are among the most outstanding in the market.

Discover 5 options to create 100% free website

Wix –

After creating your account, WIX will take you to the site’s configuration panel. The tool already features an initial unpublished website template that can be easily customized or edited by the user.

In addition, before publication, six configuration steps are presented, three of which are for companies wishing to have e-commerce. The others show the option to link the page to its own domain ( have you created your company’s? ), the option to already be found by Google, and finally, the publication. –

There are two options for creating websites using WordPress. One is and the other is The first is that we recommend you as a free online page builder, while the second requires the investment in a hosting server to set up and publish the site.

After logging into and creating your account, click Write in the upper right corner of the screen. The page with the Create Site button appears. By clicking, you start making your website free, going through all the steps until publication.

Jimdo –

“Free your business” is the invitation that the free website creator makes on his homepage. After logging in, the tool offers you two options: a simpler version and another that requires a little more technical knowledge. Choosing the simplest option, Jimdo starts interacting with the user, asking, for example, what the purpose of the site is, and then it is already possible to visualize an initial model (or template) of the page.

The 100% free website creation process proceeds in a very practical way. The user sees the steps and makes the choices of all the elements of the page (using photos, colors, etc.) until finishing with the publication.

Webnode –

When entering Webnode to make your website free, when registering, the user needs to inform what will be the name of his page. Once this is done, two options are presented: open a website or a virtual store. Next, you are invited to choose the website template that you were most interested in. There is, for example, an option for a business website where templates suitable for creating a free business website are presented.

After choosing the template, the website is almost ready. A window opens with a warning and a button to edit the page. And this can be done very easily by customizing images and texts right on the website.

Google Sites –

Did you know that Google has a free website creation tool? Anyone who uses the technology giant’s other services doesn’t even need to register. When entering the tool, logged in, the user already sees a gallery of templates for their future page. All are organized by categories such as Small Business, and subcategories such as Beauty Salon.

When choosing the template, the website editor opens, where you can customize the necessary for the use of standard colors and logos, as well as general information and information about your company’s services. The link with other Google platforms such as YouTube and Google Forms, for example, are attractive for those who want ease in creating the site for free using this tool.

And after creating a free website?

As you saw in this post, creating a free website is very simple. We also commented above that it is essential to have your own website to develop your Digital Marketing actions. It is worth reinforcing, therefore, that being on social networks is not enough to generate consistent results for your company on the internet. However, creating a website is not enough to guarantee sales.

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