Must-see tips to get your sales forecasts right

Are your company’s results being true to your predictions? See how to get your sales forecasts right Any good business needs to have a sales forecasting system as part of its sales management and goal tracking strategy. But most sales predictions are by nature inaccurate, not least because they are predictions, not guesswork. Sales spreadsheet kit […]

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How to turn your business into a sales machine

How about making your business a powerful sales machine? We have a walkthrough that will help you Regardless of what you sell, there is no one who doesn’t want to improve your business, increase your sales, and generate more profitability, right? Whether you’re in a down market, a growing market, or even an untapped market, you certainly […]

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Daily Sales Worksheet: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Excel

Many sales managers have already gone through this: the end of the month comes, and with it, the time to close sales and commissions and update the planning for the period ahead. But the information is all in Excel spreadsheets, which take time to load due to file size or even contain incorrectly filled data. […]

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Y Sales Funnel: How does it work and how to use this model to capture leads?

  Fortunately, the market is realizing that the time has come to end this dichotomy between “Inbound vs. Outbound”. When we talk about lead generation, betting on a single strategy can slow down results and even waste business opportunities. But how to manage sales with two different funnels? Sales spreadsheet kit to plan, motivate your […]

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Inbound Leads: 5 Steps to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Getting leads is just the first step. Completing sales with inbound leads is the ultimate goal of any strategy Inbound Marketing is working. You’re capturing leads, whether through your SEO strategies, through your website, and through relevant content production, but that’s not the goal of the strategy, right? The goal is always one: new customers. Your Inbound Marketing program will be incomplete […]

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Game of Thrones: Characteristics of each character in the seller’s world

Game of Thrones can be a great sales school. We’ve put together a shortlist of sales lessons from the show. HBO’s Game of Thrones series has become a huge part of the cultural zeitgeist – and with good reason. Featuring dragons, exotic knights, zombies, and a certain amount of sex and violence, it’s easy to see why […]

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Understand what a marketing and sales manager does and the advantages of uniting these areas

Being a sales manager is not an easy task, coordinating the marketing area, ditto. Imagine being a marketing and sales manager! Despite having many more responsibilities than professionals who act as leaders in just one of these areas, integrating the marketing and sales departments is an increasingly used practice. Bonus: make your team achieve high […]

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Economic recovery and sales: uneven impact between sectors

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the way we live and consume. With that, of course, all sectors felt, in some way, its effects. Now, after some time, we can finally start talking about the recovery of the economy and sales in some segments and evaluate the next steps. We now know that some branches were severely affected […]

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