Digital Transformation in Sales: what it means and how to start this process in your company

With the crisis in 2020, many companies were forced to modernize their business processes. Understand how this affects the Sales area and how to get started! In this moment in which we are living, the subject of Digital Transformation in Sales has become a mandatory agenda in most Brazilian companies. Suddenly, we were all surprised by a […]

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8 tips to improve your event’s presence on social media

Check out 8 ways you can optimize the presence of your event on social media and all the advantages this can bring to your company. What event today is not commented on social media? Even if the event organizers are not directly involved in disseminating this information, the public is naturally willing to do so. We […]

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Referral Marketing: understand why this should be one of your sales priorities!

Every sales manager likes to receive leads that arrive via customer or business partner recommendations. It is not by chance, these potential customers usually arrive very close to closing a deal and, on top of that, with an initial knowledge about your product or service. Even so, a significant part of the companies does not […]

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Salesperson training process: why should it be part of the commercial routine?

A team of well-prepared salespeople determines the success of a commercial operation. However, in general, what we still see in our market are punctual training, not a properly structured training process within the companies. For results to really happen, however, the time has come to change that culture. And this involves a lot of planning and […]

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Create an Effective Sales Routine with the 6 Habits of Successful Salespeople?

Is your sales routine productive enough? Here’s what you need to know about it. What does a seller need to do on a daily basis? Many managers will say: sell. But what does a salesperson need to do each day to be able to improve their results and convert greater sales leads? Sales spreadsheet kit to plan, […]

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Follow up purchases in 5 steps: sell more with less

Selling to a new customer costs your business 5 to 25 times more than selling to an existing customer, according to the Harvard Business Review. That’s a good reason for you to start following up on purchases, right? Finding new customers is crucial to the growth and success of your business. But entrepreneurs should not forget that there is huge potential […]

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Sales funnel maturation: what is it, why it is important and 5 tips to improve your business results and reap the best results

To reap the good results of sales, leads need to be mature enough to receive the proposal from the sales team, right? So, on the face of it, we know that trying to advance the prospect’s decision process can seriously hurt sales results. In the case of B2B negotiations, where the level of complexity is higher, it […]

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Sales force remuneration: progression and meritocracy

When it comes to remuneration, commercial managers still have many doubts when choosing the most appropriate remuneration for the sales force Not everyone has reached a consensus when it comes to salesforce compensation. On the one hand, we have only commissioning advocates. On the other, we have only one fixed defender. This issue is a debate […]

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Sales Cadence Flow: Optimize your relationship with prospects and convert more!

Did you know that, according to surveys, buyers do want to hear from reps when they are looking for opportunities to improve their business (71%) or trying to solve a problem (62%)? Knowing information like this is critical to building a coherent sales cadence flow. No time to read the content? Would you like to be able […]

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Not afraid to sidestep sales objections

Do you treat objections as a sales battle? Learn how to sidestep objections in non-confrontational sales If you during your journey to be a salesperson have taken sales courses or training, read books on how to increase the skills you believed you needed to improve, you must have already thought a lot about how to overcome your […]

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