Examples of companies that use CRM: check out 7 Agenda or success stories

As a company grows and, as a result, its sales team, there is always the chance that the sales process will become more complex. With this demand, adopting platforms and software that make daily life more practical and intelligent can help (a lot!) in the activities of managers and sellers. An improvement that can be easily implemented […]

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Negotiate with a focus on the long term: building a consultative relationship with the potential customer

“It’s not the best time to make this investment.” Have you heard this phrase a lot from your potential customers lately? Calm down, it’s not just you. Indeed, in many sectors considered non-essential, business is sluggish, even with the end of social isolation in many cities. Sales spreadsheet kit to plan, motivate your team and not lose […]

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What is customer relationship: 9 tips?

What is a customer relationship? Think of it like this: If you were the customer, would you like to be treated the way your company treats you? We all know that customers are a company’s greatest asset. So what do you do to build a relationship with customers in order to succeed? In this post, we’ve […]

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CRM in customer loyalty: a guaranteed strategy

Every self-respecting salesperson dreams of having loyal customers. See how the use of the CRM system in customer loyalty can help you make this dream come true. Many companies want to retain their customers just by making them waste time and offering products and services that do not match their needs. And worse, they want it without any relationship […]

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A good CRM does much more than registering customers, a lot!

– Call Dr. Ferris, please, he wants to talk to you about that urgent delivery. – says the commercial director. – Doctor who? What delivery? – answers the seller. – Dr. Ferris, from Autopeças Ferraretto, his phone number is in his diary, or in that spreadsheet on Almeida’s computer. – Almeida! – shouts one salesman to another – Do […]

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