Digital Transformation in Sales: what it means and how to start this process in your company

With the crisis in 2020, many companies were forced to modernize their business processes. Understand how this affects the Sales area and how to get started! In this moment in which we are living, the subject of Digital Transformation in Sales has become a mandatory agenda in most Brazilian companies. Suddenly, we were all surprised by a […]

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General Data Protection Law: 5 Tips for Marketing Teams

We listed 5 measures for those who work in marketing to put into action as soon as possible ATTENTION: The purpose of this post is for information only – we do not provide legal advice, nor are we responsible for measures that may be taken by third parties in relation to the General Data Protection […]

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Digital Marketing for Lawyers: see how this strategy can boost your office

Discover the best Digital Legal Marketing strategy and find out what can be done according to OAB restrictions Digital Marketing for Lawyers or Legal respects the values ​​of the profession, establishes the firm as a reference and brings you closer to your target audience by producing valuable content. The strategy is in accordance with Provision 94/2000, […]

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The 5 Rules of the Art of Trading You Need to Know

The art of negotiation obeys some golden rules: know 5 of them and apply them in your daily sales routine. So you’ve done all your work really well, qualified leads, booked visits, and made phone calls. He didn’t forget any follow-up and knew how to manage his relationship with the client perfectly to show all the advantages of his proposal. No time to read […]

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Tips for contacting a prospect with LinkedIn in mail

Are you thinking about optimizing your prospecting using LinkedIn in the mail? We have prepared some tips that can help Using LinkedIn for business contact and driving sales is no secret. Much less a 7-headed beast. With over 330 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social media. Many salespeople use LinkedIn […]

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How to get clients for an advertising agency

The commercial area of ​​an agency is very different from a company that offers products and services. See tips on how to get clients for an advertising agency Controlling the sale of services is not always as easy as it sounds. Different customers have different needs, and often a service encompasses several sub-services. In an advertising agency, this […]

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How to put your company’s management on autopilot

Do you dream of the day when your company’s management will not depend on you? This day may be near Is your business taking up all your time? In this article, we’ve selected some ways to use technology and some leadership resources to put your business running on autopilot. Unlike a manager, a business cannot rest. Working […]

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Low touch economy: what it is and how it affects B2B sales

Much has been said about the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on various aspects of society. In fact, we cannot deny that numerous transformations are underway and many others have been greatly accelerated. Among them, a good part is due to the need for social distance. In this sense, perhaps one of the most important is the establishment […]

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Management by results: understand how to adopt this strategy in your company!

How a company decides to guide its management also determines how it will achieve its results and set its priorities over time. And, although we might think that there is a unique way to manage a business, the truth is that there are different approaches that can be followed. In Brazil, we are still quite […]

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