How to do Inbound Marketing for Health clinics?

Learn how to apply the methodology to attract new patients to your office in a progressive and sustainable way Marketing strategies for offices, clinics and hospitals, which were previously divided mainly between traditional media and word of mouth, were gradually replaced by digital. Today, Inbound Marketing is, without a doubt, one of the best strategies for clinics […]

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Digital Transformation in Sales: what it means and how to start this process in your company

With the crisis in 2020, many companies were forced to modernize their business processes. Understand how this affects the Sales area and how to get started! In this moment in which we are living, the subject of Digital Transformation in Sales has become a mandatory agenda in most Brazilian companies. Suddenly, we were all surprised by a […]

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Digital Marketing for Lawyers: see how this strategy can boost your office

Discover the best Digital Legal Marketing strategy and find out what can be done according to OAB restrictions Digital Marketing for Lawyers or Legal respects the values ​​of the profession, establishes the firm as a reference and brings you closer to your target audience by producing valuable content. The strategy is in accordance with Provision 94/2000, […]

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Referral Marketing: understand why this should be one of your sales priorities!

Every sales manager likes to receive leads that arrive via customer or business partner recommendations. It is not by chance, these potential customers usually arrive very close to closing a deal and, on top of that, with an initial knowledge about your product or service. Even so, a significant part of the companies does not […]

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Salesperson training process: why should it be part of the commercial routine?

A team of well-prepared salespeople determines the success of a commercial operation. However, in general, what we still see in our market are punctual training, not a properly structured training process within the companies. For results to really happen, however, the time has come to change that culture. And this involves a lot of planning and […]

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Create an Effective Sales Routine with the 6 Habits of Successful Salespeople?

Is your sales routine productive enough? Here’s what you need to know about it. What does a seller need to do on a daily basis? Many managers will say: sell. But what does a salesperson need to do each day to be able to improve their results and convert greater sales leads? Sales spreadsheet kit to plan, […]

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