Meet Mika Moulton, founder of Christopher’s Clubhouse

Mika Moulton on The Patti Gribow Show

Child Safety Advocates – Christopher’s Clubhouse – Mika Moulton


Missing and Exploited Children’s Program

Mika Moulton is featured in the November issue of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Program. To read the article click here.




Child advocates offer tips in wake of Santa Cruz child’s homicide

Calvin Men, Santa Cruz Sentinel
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – The people most likely to harm children are not strangers but people they know, according to police and child safety advocates. “I asked kids before what does a stranger look like and I’ve heard everything: They’re homeless, have dirty clothes, have mustaches,” said Mika Moulton… Read more

Changes to sex offender ordinance worries parents

Greg Lee, KESQ News Channel 3 & CBS Local 2 Reporter
RIVERSIDE, Calif. – On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors deferred action on a proposal to repeal a Riverside County ordinance restricting where convicted sex offenders can reside and loiter, directing county staff instead to modify the law so that some of its provisions can be preserved. Read more

Empowering Kids through Christopher’s Clubhouse

Marissa Willman, CV Weekly
When Mika Moulton’s 10-year-old son didn’t come home from his bike ride in 1995, she feared every mother’s worst nightmare. Eight days later, the police came to her door at 3 a.m. to confirm her fears. Her son, Christopher, had been abducted, brutalized and murdered by a recently released convicted murderer. Read more.

Why Parents Are Afraid To Let Their Kids Outside

Jon Krenek, The Daily Journal
Former Aroma Park resident Mika Moulton has lived a mother’s worst nightmare. Her son, Christopher Meyer, was abducted in 1995 by twice-convicted child killer Timothy Buss, who left the boy mutilated in a shallow grave in the Kankakee River State Park. It would be years before she allowed her other children outside alone. Read more.

Is It Really More Dangerous Today?

Jon Krenek, The Daily Journal
Bradley Police Chief Steve Coy grew up in Kankakee hanging around downtown and fishing along the Kankakee River. There were abundant jobs everywhere and every community thrived — until industry started moving out in the early 1980s. Read more.